Read #7 July 2015

I’ve read quite a few books this past month: nine to be precise! Three of them were volumes of the Chronicles of Narnia, so that probably explains the high number of books. Today I’m going to show you what other books I read and what I thought of them. Continue reading “Read #7 July 2015”

New Narnia Books!

They’ve finally arrived! The three facsimile volumes I ordered have made quite a journey: apparently they’ve travelled via Austria (!?). Anyway, they’re now on my bookshelves, safe and sound, next to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Aren’t they beautiful? Continue reading “New Narnia Books!”

My Summer TBR

Summer is upon us and I’m really looking forward to reading in the sunshine. I thought it might be nice to put together a Summer TBR as a kind of mini challenge. Over the last few weeks I bought quite a few novels, so this way I hope to make sure I’m reading them as soon as possible (and not buying more books instead). Want to see what’s on the list? Continue reading “My Summer TBR”

Book Haul | Oh No, She Didn’t!

Er, well, yes she did. That is to say: I bought some books. Again. If you’ve read my latest review (or my Beautiful Books post for that matter), you’d know that I’ve fallen in love with Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia again. It’s been sometime since I last read any of his novels, but when I received the facsimile edition of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader as a present, I fell in love all over again. Continue reading “Book Haul | Oh No, She Didn’t!”