My Favourite Books of 2016

The time has come for my 2016 favourites. Erm … yeah, I wasn’t going to do a favourites blog post at first, because I felt that I should have done that towards the end of 2015. However, I kept seeing favourites video’s on YouTube throughout the whole of January, so I finally decided to do a blog post myself. Here’s to the love of books! Continue reading “My Favourite Books of 2016”

Book for Thought #2

In the Book for Thought-series I share with you one of the books from my currently reading pile. In the blog post I show you what book I’ve chosen and which edition I’m reading. In the comments I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book in particular, the writer or the genre – you do not have to have read this particular book; questions are most welcome as well! This week’s book is … The Fellowship of the Ring! Continue reading “Book for Thought #2”

They Have Arrived!

They’re finally here, the three new books I ordered, well, some three weeks ago. Yep, BookDepository was very slow to respond this time. I had to write to customer service in order to have them dispatched. But, I have to say, the response was polite and quick and within five days after my complaint, the books were mine. Yeah! Continue reading “They Have Arrived!”

My Summer TBR

Summer is upon us and I’m really looking forward to reading in the sunshine. I thought it might be nice to put together a Summer TBR as a kind of mini challenge. Over the last few weeks I bought quite a few novels, so this way I hope to make sure I’m reading them as soon as possible (and not buying more books instead). Want to see what’s on the list? Continue reading “My Summer TBR”

Top 5 | Books That Deserve A Second Chance

Although I’m reading quite a lot recently, there are books that I’ve started but never really finished reading. I’m not usually a person that dismisses a book easily, but there are a few that I had to put down. Strangely, they are all (modern) classics and I feel a bit ashamed to put them in writing to be honest. However, it doesn’t mean that I’ll never read them again, nor that I do not want to read them. I’m going to try to read as many ‘second chance books’ as I can within this year. There you have it, I just made it a challenge! Continue reading “Top 5 | Books That Deserve A Second Chance”