Top 5 | Penguin English Library Books

You may have noticed that I’m quite a big fan of the Penguin English Library books. They’re beautiful, bright coloured editions of English classics and as I intend to read every book that’s on the list (around 105 titles) I read at least one of them every month. Want to see which ones I’d like to read very soon? Continue reading “Top 5 | Penguin English Library Books”

PELC #5 Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy

Although I’m interested in English literature and especially classics, I’m not really familiar with every author. Of course I had English class at school and that included literature, but Thomas Hardy was quite new to me. Now he’s more in the picture than ever. The film adaptation of Far From the Madding Crowd is in theatres now (7 May in the Netherlands – read my review here) and in the build-up to its premiere, I started to read more about Hardy. I became intrigued by him and since I was in London last April, I bought one of his books. Continue reading “PELC #5 Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy”

The Penguin English Library Challenge

I’ve always been fascinated by classics and English classics in particular. My Goodreads TBR list consists of almost every title of the Penguin English Library series. So as of today I set myself another challenge: I want to read every book on the English Library list. Are you joining in? Continue reading “The Penguin English Library Challenge”

Penguin English Library

Als je in je leven lang genoeg in een boekwinkel hebt rondgeneusd, dan komt het oranje logo met de zwart-witte pinguïn je vast niet onbekend voor. De van oorsprong Britse uitgeverij Penguin Books bestaat namelijk al sinds 1935 en is een van de grootste en bekendste in zijn soort. Vooral de Classics-serie met de kenmerkende chique zwarte voorkant is populair. Binnen deze serie gaf Penguin vanaf 1966 de English Library uit: 100 titels uit de Engelse literatuur. Een paar jaar geleden is de zowel de lijst als de lay-out opgefrist. Ik laat je vandaag meer zien van deze bijzondere collectie en tevens mijn favorieten! Continue reading “Penguin English Library”