Top 5 | Banned Books

Today’s top 5 is in honour of freedom – freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of writing and reading. We have all witnessed the renewed interest for books like 1984 since the inauguration of the 45th president of the USA and I wanted to stress the importance of the fact that we are able to read everything we want and use that to express ourselves and to protest. Continue reading “Top 5 | Banned Books”


Colourful Books | Blue

Hi there! A while ago there used to be a ‘rainbow books tag’ going on on YouTube and book blogs. I’m not a great fan of the rainbow bookshelves (to bold to my taste, though I tend to select on colour a little bit within each genre), but I liked the idea of selecting some books according to their colour and talk about them. It’s just another way to discover new books, isn’t it? I decided to give this tag a try, but with a twist. Each time I’ll select a colour and five books and tell you a little bit about the writer, plot and how it came into my collection. Ready? Let’s give it a try! Continue reading “Colourful Books | Blue”

Documentaire: The Secret World of Lewis Carroll

Om het 150-jarig bestaan van Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland te vieren, zond de BBC in januari een documentaire uit over Lewis Carroll. De geheimzinnige titel The Secret World of Lewis Carroll deed vermoeden dat het om saillante details zou gaan uit het leven van de Engelse schrijver. Ik was een beetje bang dat de documentaire vooral zou focussen op hét onderwerp dat al stuk is getheoretiseerd, namelijk Carrolls vriendschappen met jonge kinderen. Helaas voor mij werd die angst bewaarheid … Continue reading “Documentaire: The Secret World of Lewis Carroll”