Read #7 July 2015

I’ve read quite a few books this past month: nine to be precise! Three of them were volumes of the Chronicles of Narnia, so that probably explains the high number of books. Today I’m going to show you what other books I read and what I thought of them. Continue reading “Read #7 July 2015”

Goodreads Challenge Finished!

Wow, I can’t believe it. I just finished my Goodreads reading challenge. Okay, I set it at 30 books, which is below the average on Goodreads, but one year ago I wouldn’t even have read one book a month, and now I’ve read 30 in six months and three days. So I think it’s time for looking back on the developments of the last six months Continue reading “Goodreads Challenge Finished!”

From Rowling to Pooh – New Books

I’ve got some new books to show you! I recently purchased three new books at, but I also bought two books at the bookshop AND received and borrowed some books. Want to see what’s new on my TBR list? Continue reading “From Rowling to Pooh – New Books”

Read & Seen #4 April 2015

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the 1st of May already! Time for another Read & Seen. Which movies did I watch, what books did I enjoy and how is my Goodreads Reading Challenge coming along? Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee, ’cause April was one busy month! Continue reading “Read & Seen #4 April 2015”

Over oude en nieuwe, gekochte en geleende boeken

Koop je of leen je boeken? That’s the question. Iedereen heeft zo zijn eigen ‘voorkeur’. Ik ben duidelijk van het kopen. Vroeger was ik echt een biebganger, maar sinds ik mijn bibliotheekabonnement in Utrecht een jaar heb laten verstoffen, is dat wel anders. Toch leen ik zo af en toe nog wel eens een boek via via. Vandaag daarom ook een geleend en gekocht boek in de schijnwerpers. En nog leuker … allebei van Hollandse bodem! Continue reading “Over oude en nieuwe, gekochte en geleende boeken”