Read #7 July 2015

I’ve read quite a few books this past month: nine to be precise! Three of them were volumes of the Chronicles of Narnia, so that probably explains the high number of books. Today I’m going to show you what other books I read and what I thought of them. Continue reading “Read #7 July 2015”

July Book Haul

I think I’ve never bought so many books as I did past month. I think the fact that the summer holidays were on its way and the idea of heaving loads of time to read helped a little. I shouldn’t really talk – or actually write – very much, but just show you the books, shouldn’t I? Continue reading “July Book Haul”

Books I Take With Me On Holiday

Hi there! When you read this I’m enjoying a well-deserved (if I may say so myself!) holiday in the Netherlands. Yes, I know, I’m staying in the country of cheese and worms – er, cheese and tulips – ’cause we’ve got a lot to offer. (At least so I hope.) Of course I’m taking a few books with me. Just a few, because there has to be some room left for unexpected bookish souvenirs … Continue reading “Books I Take With Me On Holiday”