The Coffee Book Tag & The 100th Blog Post!

Yeah, I did it! This post is going to be the 100th blog post on Tale of the Lime Tree. I’ve been loving blogging so far and I hope to continue to post fairly regularly in the future. To celebrate this milestone I’m going to answer some questions of the Coffee Book Tag. So grab yourself some coffee (tea is allowed as well …) and relax! Continue reading “The Coffee Book Tag & The 100th Blog Post!”

Colourful Books | Blue

Hi there! A while ago there used to be a ‘rainbow books tag’ going on on YouTube and book blogs. I’m not a great fan of the rainbow bookshelves (to bold to my taste, though I tend to select on colour a little bit within each genre), but I liked the idea of selecting some books according to their colour and talk about them. It’s just another way to discover new books, isn’t it? I decided to give this tag a try, but with a twist. Each time I’ll select a colour and five books and tell you a little bit about the writer, plot and how it came into my collection. Ready? Let’s give it a try! Continue reading “Colourful Books | Blue”