Cover Love #5 Legends From the Ancient North

It’s time for another cover love blog post. ‘Cause who doesn’t like a beautifully designed book? As always, Penguin knows how to design a classic, so today it’s time for the Legends From the Ancient North … Continue reading “Cover Love #5 Legends From the Ancient North”

Cover Love #4 Vintage Classics

As a die hard hardcover lover it took me some time to decide whether or not I would purchase Jane Austen’s works in paperback. In 2014 Vintage Classics (part of Penguin Random House) published their first ever classics paperback series, designed by Leanne Shapton. They were stunning, but my hardcover heart wasn’t convinced. Yet. But I’m now! Continue reading “Cover Love #4 Vintage Classics”

Cover Love #3 Pelican Shakespeare

You might have seen The Pelican Shakespeare series before: the paperbacks with the characteristic coloured line on the cover has been a staple in almost every book lover’s collection. Unfortunately, some of the most well known plays (Hamlet, Macbeth, etc.) have sold out and are nowhere to be found. This year, Shakespeare’s 400th birthday-year, Penguin issued a brand new series with the Bard’s works. Continue reading “Cover Love #3 Pelican Shakespeare”

Cover Love #2 Penguin by Hand

We all love beautiful books, right? That’s why new books in general excite me a lot and why I started the Cover Love series. But what about new covers for ‘old’ books. Got to love them too! Penguin will publish a new series of six books this coming September in absolutely stunning editions. Continue reading “Cover Love #2 Penguin by Hand”

Cover Love #1 Alma Classics

Hi there! I thought it was just about time I posted a new blog post on beautiful cover art. I did one a while ago (when I was still writing in Dutch) and I figured I would make it a monthly or quarterly post. Now that summer is about to kick off, I’m browsing BookDepository even more fanatically. I don’t now about you, but I tend to read a lot during summertime. Sunshine, a nice drink and lots of free time: books, here I come! Continue reading “Cover Love #1 Alma Classics”

Beautiful Books

We’ve all been told never to judge a book by its cover, but if you’re anything like me you’re walking straight to the fancy bindings when browsing the bookshop. And why not? If I can choose between a cheaper but plain paperback and a beautifully designed cover, I’d choose the latter one. I like reading and collecting books – a beautiful book, inside but also outside, definitely makes me happy. That’s why Jean from Jean Bookishthoughts  over on YouTube started with the ‘Beautiful Books’ series and I thought I’d share you some of mine! Continue reading “Beautiful Books”