👀 I am but mad north-north-west | ⏳ professional time traveller | 🍸 Frobscottle | 🌿 28 & counting

Hi there! Welcome to Tale of the Lime Tree, my very own book blog. My name is Amber, I’m 28 and I live ‘somewhere in the middle’ of the Netherlands.

As a kid I fell in love with books and I had been an avid reader for years when I went to university, now some ten years ago. Alas! As soon as non-fiction started to dominate my daily life, I lost the desire to read fiction. But as from 2014 I’m back on track and that’s when I started Tale of the Lime Tree.

But there’s more behind this blog. When I started my master’s degree in Cultural History in 2014, I almost got a burn-out. Almost doesn’t sound that bad at all, but believe me, it was. One of the things I decided to do is to look for the things I really love doing and hold on to them for, well, dear life. Two of the things I have always loved doing are writing stories and reading books. I’ve tried to combine these passions in Tale of the Lime Tree.

As for the name, I wanted something that referred to books and stories but also to the story that is life and that is going through rough times and finding your way out. And Lime Tree? That stands for my second name, Linde. In Dutch it means linden or lime tree. Therefore, Tale of the Lime Tree is not only about books and the stories of others, but also about mine.

Do you want to contact me? Please send an e-mail to taleofthelimetree@gmail.com

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