Winter TBR Wrap Up

In December 2016 I posted a seasonal winter TBR. I quote: ‘winter is the perfect season to read some big books that have been on my shelves for way too long …’

I think I can safely say that I failed miserably. Out of the FIFTEEN books on my Winter TBR, I read exactly one. I don’t know why, because most of those books had indeed been on my shelves for quite a while – and I had bought them for a reason. Well, actually, I can think of a why. Over the past few months I have been so busy with writing my master thesis that I can hardly find the time (or will) to relax with a book. I’m writing my thesis about a book (The Wind in the Willows, for those who are interested) and I have to read lots of other books for research. So, when I’m curling up on the couch at the end of the day, I don’t want to pick up a big book but watch TV instead. It’s not that I don’t read at all, but I tend to pick ‘thinner’ books like plays by Shakespeare, the Saga novels or short story collections. Oh well, spring will be better!

The one book that was on my winter TBR and I did read was The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. And I hated it. His other plays I loved, by the way, but this just wasn’t for me. For my Spring TBR (because yes, I’m going to try again), I will keep some of my Winter TBR books like Asking For It by Louise O’Neill (which I did buy because it was one of the few books that I didn’t already have), Beowulf and Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope. But I think I’ll shake it up a bit with some more Shakespeare and some good old Tolkien.

We’ll see about that! My Spring TBR will be up in a week.

Amber Linde

2 thoughts on “Winter TBR Wrap Up

  1. Haha heerlijk, 1 boek van de keuze uit 15 gelezen; zo herkenbaar. Ik wil binnenkort ook LOTR weer opnieuw lezen! Heb echt weer zin in Tolkien. En Asking For It lijkt me heel interessant, dus ben benieuwd wat jij er van vindt. Xx

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    1. Echt hè -.-

      Nou ja, deze keer beter! Ben begonnen in Asking For It en die is zeer aan te bevelen. O’Neill’s vorige boek, Only Ever Yours, was ook wel een aanradertje (beetje de YA versie van Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale – schijnt, want ik heb Atwood niet gelezen, hehe). Ik heb alleen het idee dat Asking For It er wel harder in gaat hakken …


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