Only We by Toon Tellegen

Title: Wij Alleen
Author: Toon Tellegen
Published: 2017
Language: Dutch
Pages: 95
Rating: 4/5

Last year I read Get Well Soon by Toon Tellegen. What I wrote about Tellegen in that blog post:

There’s a good chance that you haven’t heard of Toon Tellegen. His bibliography is extensive, but has only recently been translated from Dutch into English. Tellegen is chiefly known for his children’s books about Squirrel, Ant, Hedgehog, Elephant and other animal characters. The short stories are published in several collections, most notably Er ging geen dag voorbij (or Not A Day Went By in English) and Misschien wisten zij wel alles (Perhaps They New Everything). A few of his stories have been published in an English translation – check the BookDepository website for copies!

In 2009 Tellegen’s publishing house Querido published eight booklets with several of his short stories – each covering a certain topic, ranging from sickness to love and courage. Wij Alleen (or Only We in English) is a new one, published this year, but again with ‘old stories’. They’re especially suited for Valentine’s Day but I could read Tellegen each day, every day!

This copy isn’t available in English, but there are some pretty beautiful editions of Tellegen’s work available via BookDepository, so I strongly suggest checking those out. I would recommend his work to anyone who has a heart for short stories with philosophical themes, bizarre friendships and surprisingly honest characters.

Amber Linde

Read more about this book at Goodreads.
Buy Tellegen’s work at BookDepository.

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