Cover Love #4 Vintage Classics

As a die hard hardcover lover it took me some time to decide whether or not I would purchase Jane Austen’s works in paperback. In 2014 Vintage Classics (part of Penguin Random House) published their first ever classics paperback series, designed by Leanne Shapton. They were stunning, but my hardcover heart wasn’t convinced. Yet. But I’m now!

These are editions from the Austen, Russian, Brontë and Woolf series. The Brontë series consisted of just three books, but the other series all contain six books. The Woolf series is the latest and the Russian series is being published early 2017. Every series is designed by a different illustrator, which I really like. They’re all so colourful! The quality is amazing too. All editions have french flaps and beautiful endpapers. I own the Austen and Brontë series, but I would love to collect Woolf’s books in these editions as well.

Amber Linde


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