New On My TBR #4

In this series I share with you the latest books that made it to my (already humongous) TBR pile. If you’ve already read any of these, I’d like to hear your thoughts on them. Any recommendations for other additions to my TBR are most welcome too!New On My TBR #4.jpgCheck these books out on Book Depository and Goodreads.
Go to New On My TBR #3.

Have you read any of these?



4 thoughts on “New On My TBR #4

  1. Yes ….. the book about Danny, the world champion …. years ago …. in a Dutch translation! Loved it, as I loved reading it to you and your little brother.


  2. Ik ben ook benieuwd naar Tales of the Greek Myths, zag onlangs pas dat ze die in deze Puffin collectie hebben! En Radiance zag ik bij Mercysbookishmusings voorbij komen, ben ook ontzettend benieuwd! X

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