Book for Thought #3

In the Book for Thought-series I share with you one of the books from my currently reading pile. In the blog post I show you what book I’ve chosen and which edition I’m reading. In the comments I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book in particular, the writer or the genre – you do not have to have read this particular book; questions are most welcome as well! This week’s book is … Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

IMG_4454IMG_4391I’m currently rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I love the Harry Potter series and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve reread the books. I have never, however, read the first four books in English. At least, I cannot remember I did.

When I discovered Harry Potter (you can read about that in this blog post by the way!) I was about twelve years old and didn’t really speak English – or read English for that matter. That’s why I read all the books in Dutch first – except the last two or maybe three. I couldn’t really wait till the Dutch translations came out, so I read my mum’s English editions when she finished them. They all came out when we were on holiday (I remember my mother buying the fifth book in Milan) so the last three books do remember me of those days …

The Dutch translations are very well done, if you ask me, but reading them in English is just very, very nice indeed (that English humour!). I’ve read the first, second and third book in their English editions already (I was really ‘busy’ the past two weeks, eh …) and I’m loving them all over again!

You can get this edition on Book Depository.
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What are your thoughts on this book?




One thought on “Book for Thought #3

  1. Ik heb de serie ook eerst in het Nederlands gelezen (toen ik jonger was las ik vanzelfsprekend ook nog geen Engels haha) maar vorig jaar heb ik hele serie opnieuw in het Engels gelezen. Ben het helemaal met je eens dat de Nederlandse vertaling echt goed is (wat je helaas niet altijd kan zeggen) maar het Engels voelde toch net wat beter. Ik overweeg de serie eind dit jaar opnieuw te lezen, rondom kerst ofzo. Maar eerst maar eens kijken hoe ik dan met mijn huidige tbr zit haha! X

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