August Book Haul

Last month I told you I didn’t really need any new books. And I don’t, actually. There are quite a few books on my shelves that are waiting to be read, but this month I came across so many beautiful books in several (different!) second-hand shops, that I couldn’t resist picking a few up. Want to see which books will be engrossing my TBR pile?

IMG_4297The majority of the books are second-hand purchases, but there are also a few that I had ordered weeks ago and books I bought with a gift certificate. Got to love those!IMG_4346Yep, that’s a looooooot of books! Let’s start, shall we? The first two were brand new books: The Portable Door and Only Ever Yours.IMG_4298I’ve already read this one by Tom Holt and enjoyed it but I didn’t love it. It was okay and I’m not sure whether I’m going to pick up the sequel to this one.IMG_4426As you might know, I recently purchased The Accidental by Ali Smith in a second-hand store and last week I came across another one by Smith, plus two books by Donna Tartt (The Little Friend and The Secret History) – all second-hand purchases.IMG_4439IMG_4446IMG_4449I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter series but I do not own all the seven books in their original edition. I read them in a Dutch translation when I was younger and later on I only owned the fifth, sixth and seventh volume in hardback. Last week I came across the fourth volume in hardback and the first in paperback and decided to pick them up.IMG_4454IMG_4483I’ve already read The Philosopher’s Stone and – again – loved it. It’s so good to have a little bit of Hogwards now and then!IMG_4473I’ve never really considered myself a fantasy kind of girl, but this book (the first in the Farseer trilogy) is amazing! It took me a while to get into butitwassogood!IMG_4477IMG_4369IMG_4467IMG_4409My last Austen novel! I’ve read five of her novels but have yet to read Mansfield Park so I bought this beautiful Vintage Classics edition when I was in Maastricht. I still had a € 10,- voucher so this Austen was mine for just € 1,99!

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed it and see you soon!

Do you buy books in second-hand shops?



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