July Book Haul

I think I’ve never bought so many books as I did past month. I think the fact that the summer holidays were on its way and the idea of heaving loads of time to read helped a little. I shouldn’t really talk – or actually write – very much, but just show you the books, shouldn’t I?IMG_4081What happened? Well, this happened. That’s a loooooot of books! It began with a few Penguin English Library books – they’re pretty cheap and I wanted to read more after I’d read Under The Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy. (I’m doing the Penguin English Library challenge by the way – you can keep track of that challenge over here.) You can click on the titles of the books to go to the Book Depository website.IMG_4087Another Hardy! I’m a bit hesitant towards this one, because I’ve seen the movie adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles and the story is very, very sad, but I think Hardy might just be my kind of author.IMG_4098That’s also why I’ve got this Hardy classic. This one was actually given to me by my boyfriend. You might remember that I’ve already seen the movie adaptation of this novel (and loved it!) but that I also actually wanted to read the novel before watching the film. That didn’t really go as planned, but I’m really looking forward to reading Far from the Madding Crowd!IMG_4094This is a tiny little novel – maybe more of a short story perhaps. It’s about a time traveller and is supposed to be one of the first science fiction novels. I started reading The Time Machine already and I like it so far.IMG_4104I’ve heard so much about Ivanhoe that I finally wanted to see – or read – for myself!IMG_4110Very hard to catch on (my very poor) camera, but it’s a nice (and very bright!) book by the author of The Jungle Book. Kim was actually the favourite book of the main characters of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, a lovely book by the way, so I was intrigued by this one.IMG_4114I’ve already read this one, Silas Marner, and although I loved the idea, I thought the story itself developed rather slowly. Still a nice read, especially if you’ve read The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin which is based on this classic by Eliot.IMG_4121Okay, then I bought this. Yeah, well … *sigh* … there’re so many book bloggers and booktubers that I admire and trust that love this series, that I thought I should finally see for myself. This box set was on sale so I thought, why not? And, well, they magically appeared on my doorstep.IMG_4123Yeah, I think this’ll take me a while to get through! You can get them over here.IMG_4135I bought this beautiful hardcover at the second hand store. This is one of Zafón’s young adult novels and I think I’ll enjoy it very much. I’ve read the first few pages already and those were very promising! This particular hardcover edition is not for sale anymore, but the paperback edition of The Midnight Palace is still available at Book Depository.IMG_4141This one I bought purely based on its beautiful cover. The only think I know about Wildwood is that it’s a middle grade fantasy kind of novel and that it’s part of a trilogy.IMG_4147Another second hand book by Ali Smith. I’ve long been wanting to read one of her novels, also because certain booktubers (I blame Mercedes, Jean and Jen for this!) rave about Smith. This hardcover edition happened to just be there in the shop and although there wasn’t any summary or synopsis to be found, I’m looking forward to reading this one and see whether or not I like this Ali Smith! (This edition isn’t for sale anymore, but you can pick up the paperback edition at Book Depository.)IMG_4150Last but not least is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. So many bloggers adore this novel (again I hold Jen and also the lovely Dramaqueen entirely responsible for this purchase!) that I wanted to see for myself if it was any good. The idea isn’t really my thing per se (I mean, I have absolutely nothing with computer games or what so ever) but I’m intrigued by it’s popularity.

There we go! All new novels to be read. I’m think I’ve bought enough for a little while, so if you don’t mind I’ll be off reading now!

Which book that you’ve bought lately are you most looking forward to reading?


6 thoughts on “July Book Haul

  1. Oh wauw, wat een berg, en wat een prachtige exemplaren zitten er weer bij. Jouw boekenkast is volgens mij echt een lust voor het oog. Ik ben erg benieuwd wat jij vindt van die GoT-serie, ik heb die ook nog niet gelezen, vooral omdat deel 1 altijd uitgeleend is bij de bieb.

    Ik heb trouwens al heel lang geen boeken meer gekocht, ik heb besloten om het om te draaien, ik leen eerst bij de bieb en als ik het dan erg mooi vind dan gaat het op de verlanglijst. Daar staat inmiddels genoeg op en als ik straks weer een baan heb ga ik ook eens aan de bookhaul!

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    1. Dat lijkt mij een heel gezonde strategie hoor! Dit was ook een eenmalige uitbarsting – ik heb nog nooit zoveel boeken gekocht en dat ga ik voorlopig ook niet meer doen. Genoeg leesvoer voor nu :-)!

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