Books I Take With Me On Holiday

Hi there! When you read this I’m enjoying a well-deserved (if I may say so myself!) holiday in the Netherlands. Yes, I know, I’m staying in the country of cheese and worms – er, cheese and tulips – ’cause we’ve got a lot to offer. (At least so I hope.) Of course I’m taking a few books with me. Just a few, because there has to be some room left for unexpected bookish souvenirs …Boeken-011I have yet to read four book from my Summer TBR, but I’m not sure I’ll read the ones I’ve chosen. I chose The Light Years, 1984, The Fellowship of the Ring and The Casual Vacancy, but I think I might only finish the first and perhaps the second or third one before the end of summer – but that’s okay. I’ve read a lot of other books next to my other Summer TBR books so far, so I’m quite pleased. Which books am I taking with me on holiday?


Lilith by George MacDonald
‘Mr. Vane, the protagonist of Lilith, owns a library that seems to be haunted by the former librarian, the mysterious Mr. Raven who looks much like a raven from the brief glimpses he catches of the wraith. After finally encountering the supposed ghost, Vane learns that Raven had known his father; indeed, Vane’s father had visited the strange parallel universe from which Raven comes and goes and now resides therein. Vane follows Raven into the world through a mirror.’ (Wikipedia | Goodreads)

I started this book a while ago and although I loved it right from the start, I put it down when I was one third through. I don’t know why, perhaps because I started to reread the Narnia volumes and it was just too much fantasy? I don’t know. C. S. Lewis himself has stated that he saw MacDonald as a shining example and Lilith is very Lewis-ish – that’s probably why I liked it up to now.


The Light Years by Elizabeth Jane Howard
‘In 1937, the coming war is only a distant cloud on Britain’s horizon. As the Cazalet households prepare for their summer pilgrimage to the family estate in Sussex, readers meet Edward, in love with but by no means faithful to his wife Villy; Hugh, wounded in the Great War; Rupert, who worships his lovely child-bride Zoe; and Rachel, the spinster sister.’ (Goodreads)

I’ve started this one already, but only read a few pages so far, so it’s hard to say anything meaningful about it just now. However, I think I might actually enjoy it. I’m not a huge fan of novels that centre around the First or Second World War, but I do enjoy a good family saga. I’ll keep you updated!


The Time Machine by H. G. Wells
‘Chilling, prophetic and hugely influential, The Time Machine sees a Victorian scientist propel himself into the year 802,701 AD, where he is delighted to find that suffering has been replaced by beauty and contentment in the form of the Eloi, an elfin species descended from man. But he soon realizes that they are simply remnants of a once-great culture – now weak and living in terror of the sinister Morlocks lurking in the deep tunnels, who threaten his very return home.’ (Goodreads)

I started reading this one as well and I think I might really enjoy Wells’ science fictional world. It’s something completely different from what I read normally, but that’s the joy of reading new books!

Well, that’s all I’ll take with me on holiday this year: two paperbacks and one e-book.

Which books will you be taking with you on holiday?



2 thoughts on “Books I Take With Me On Holiday

    1. Ha ha, ja hè? De andere boeken uit de Cazalet Chronicles zijn ook al zo mooi, dus ik hoop dat dit eerste boek fijn is 🙂 Ben nu nog heerlijk in The Time Machine aan het lezen; dat is in ieder geval al een aanrader!

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