My Favourite BookTube Channels

Have you discovered BookTube? Since the invention of the Internet, books aren’t the domain of paper and ink anymore. They’re and are talked about everywhere: on blogs, but also on YouTube. Although the BookTube community isn’t as big as, say, the make-up or fashion community, it’s definately worth to have a look if you’re a bookworm as well!

I’d like to show you my four favourite BookTube Channels, starting with this lovely lady!

Jean Bookishthoughts
I think I discovered Jean’s channel first of all, or Sanne, I’m not so sure. What I love about Jean is that her taste is somewhat different than the ‘general’ BookTube public. There’re a lot of channels that focus on YA novels or fantasy, but Jean studies the classics and frequently recomments Greek literature. She also loves magical realism, graphic novels, children’s books and my all time favourite: Harry Potter.

A fellow Dutchie! If you liked Jean’s channel, do take a look at Sanne’s as well: she’s absolutely lovely. Her collaborations are always fun, she has a very pleasent way of giving her opinion on a book and her literary taste resembles mine.

Little Book Owl
This lovely lady is from Down Under and as soon as you visit her channel and watch her talk and chat about books, you’ll fall in love with her enthousiasm. Moreover, she has a fascinating love for gadgets and bookmarks that make you want to start reading RIGHT NOW. Her TBR and Read-A-Thon videos are always very encouraging and watching one them always make me smile. She has got a blog as well.

Jen Campbell
Next to her channel, this lovely lady has published four books as well! Just like me, she is a huge fan of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Her Alice collection video is certainly worth a look! I like the fact that Jen’s channel focuses on literature: classics, poems, plays, every genre gets a chance. She also has a blog.

I hope you enjoyed these BookTube recommendations! Have fun watching!

Which BookTubers do you follow?



2 thoughts on “My Favourite BookTube Channels

  1. Aah ik volg ook al deze booktubers, behalve de laatste. Ik ben vooral een fan van booksandquills en Jean Bookishthoughts. Ik volg sowieso ook behoorlijk wat booktubers; heerlijk als aan het begin van de maand alle wrapups, bookhauls en tbrs verschijnen! X

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