Cover Love #1 Alma Classics

Hi there! I thought it was just about time I posted a new blog post on beautiful cover art. I did one a while ago (when I was still writing in Dutch) and I figured I would make it a monthly or quarterly post. Now that summer is about to kick off, I’m browsing BookDepository even more fanatically. I don’t now about you, but I tend to read a lot during summertime. Sunshine, a nice drink and lots of free time: books, here I come!

Reading at the beach?

The most recent books I read were ‘new’ books, like To Rise Again At A Decent Hour and When God Was A Rabbit (review is coming up!), but I think I’ll turn to the classics this summer. I recently discovered the Alma Classics Evergreens by Alma Classics and they’re absolutely stunning. I’m a great Penguin fan, but these covers are just amazing! Plus, they are all around £ 4,99/€ 7,05 …

Foto's Internet-010
Cover pictures from (source).

I love the fact that these are quite big books, I don’t really like ‘small’ editions. BookDepository has 25 books filed under Alma Essential Classics. The other ten (there are 35 in total) are for sale on BookDepository as well, but you’ll have to search by title or ISBN to find them.

Foto's Internet-011
Cover pictures via BookDepostory.

Aren’t they lovely!? As I’m a bit of a series fan, my wish list is now heading towards 200 books …

What kind of books do you like to read during summertime and what are your recent additions to you wish list?



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