I’m obsessed. With words. In other words: I’ve got logolepsy. It’s kind of like falling in love with a word, a beautiful word like ‘solivagant’ or ‘serein’, that has an even more beautiful meaning. If you’re a booklover like me, this ‘logolepsy’ might sound familiar. I’ve searched for some beautiful words and put them down in this blogposts. The pictures are all from Otherwordly. If you don’t want to forget them and want to go through them again, feel free to pin them on Pinterest, just like me.Other Wordly1 Haven’t we all? Other Wordly13There’s even a word for that …Other Wordly12 I like the word. ‘Insel …’ Other Wordly11It actually says it all, doesn’t it? Other Wordly10 One of the most beautiful and peaceful sounds! Other Wordly9No need to describe a setting, ‘brumous’ is your man. Other Wordly8 I just like it. Other Wordly7It even sounds like a soft sound … Other Wordly6 Yeah, yonderly I am … Other Wordly5This is actually the one word that made me realise I liked language so much, years and years ago. My mother had told me about her years in Portugal and I was fascinated by the fado music. She explained to me that fado was all about saudade, or longing. I was spellbound by this word it ever since … Other Wordly4 The fact that there are words like ‘brumous’ and ‘serein’ is just awesome. And don’t you just love serein? Other Wordly3Aren’t we all looking for a change like that? Other Wordly2 That seems like a nice one to end this blog post with: one of the most mysterious of spaces of the human mind and world.

What are your favourite words?



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