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Hi there! A while ago there used to be a ‘rainbow books tag’ going on on YouTube and book blogs. I’m not a great fan of the rainbow bookshelves (to bold to my taste, though I tend to select on colour a little bit within each genre), but I liked the idea of selecting some books according to their colour and talk about them. It’s just another way to discover new books, isn’t it? I decided to give this tag a try, but with a twist. Each time I’ll select a colour and five books and tell you a little bit about the writer, plot and how it came into my collection. Ready? Let’s give it a try!


As you can see, there are two Dutch books in this ‘episode’. To the right are Graeme Simsion’s The Rosie Effect and Annie M. G. Schmidt’s Minoes. The first one is of course originally English and the latter is available in English translation.

The English edition is also available in blue, and in hardback as well as in paperback (only in pre-order).

I think a friend recommended The Rosie Project to me, but I’m not entirely sure. I wanted to read the book in English, as I try to read books in their original language as much as possible (which actually only accounts for English and Dutch literature after all), but at that time the English edition wasn’t that nice (remember it? It had that creepy lobster on the cover), so I chose the colourful Dutch edition. When the sequel came out, I decided to buy the Dutch translation as well.

I enjoyed both books very much, and I even think I enjoyed the second one more than the first one (which does not happen very often with sequels). Don’s character is so extremely funny and I thought it was refreshing reading about someone with the Asperger syndrome. I myself know someone with that syndrome, and although I think that person has ‘Asperger light’, I did recognize a lot. A great read that would make a great gift as well!

Minoes is available in the English translation, The Cat Who Came Off the Roof at

If you’re not a Dutchie, you might not know this author, although her most famous characters, Jip & Janneke, are famous all over the world. Minoes is a very popular children’s book in the Netherlands and the film adaptation was a breakthrough for Dutch actress Carice van Houten, who’s now starring in the Game of Thrones series as Melisandre. Minoes is about a lady who used to be a cat, but wakes up one day as a lady. She still has many cat habits like meowing, scratching, loving fish, and hating dogs. She befriends Tjibbe, a shy news reporter, and helps him with his articles by setting up a news service run buy cats. Meanwhile, she searches for a way to become a cat again.

This beautiful hardcover edition is available at

Now for the English novels! First up is The Witches by Roald Dahl. I bought this beautiful hardcover edition a while ago, and I absolutely love it! It’s beautifully designed and it reminded me once and again how much I love Quentin Blake’s illustrations. The book itself is actually quite scary. I remember watching the film when I was about eleven, twelve years old, and the witches scared the creeps out of me! This might not be a story for young kids, but Dahl’s stories are definitely one of my favourite children’s books.

This book bij Romain Puértolas is available at

I was not overly enthusiastic about this book by Romain Puértolas, but it was a nice read. The plot of a modern-day fakir who travels to an IKEA in France to buy a new bed of nails is interesting and the journey that follows reminds me a little of The Hundred-Year Old Man or Jonas Jonassons second book. Because of that, the story is not very original, but it’s definitely funny and charming.

Unfortunately this blue edition seems to have sold out/been discontinued. There is a new pink edition, however, available via Barnes & Noble and

The last blue book is this beautiful hardcover edition of the ever popular Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I received this book in December and I absolutely love it. Meanwhile, I purchased some other books in the Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition series, and I intend to buy some more in the future. I think the story needs no explanation with its influence still visible today. You’ve got to like English nonsense, but other than that Alice is a classic fairytale.

That’s it for today! Next time I’ll show you some green novels. Or yellow. Or red. We’ll see!

What’s your favourite blue book?


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