Videotape to Memory Box

When you’re returning home after an amazing holiday, you not only bring back good memories, souvenirs and hopefully some tan, but also a loooot of pictures. That is, if you are anything like me. Although I’m trying not to take too many pictures (you wouldn’t want to forget what it is to enjoy the view and sunshine without peering through the lens), I like to go through them when I’m back home again. That’s where the old videotapes come in handy!

Say what? Videotapes? Yep! (Well, actually only the cases.) Taking snazzy pictures is fun, but in this digital age every photo you take will stay on your computer till you’re ready to print them all. And we’re never ready, are we? Besides, you’ll have to start scrapbooking. It looks amazing but it’s quite time-consuming. So when you do not own a polaroid camera like me, digital photo’s are a nightmare for creating your own nostalgic memories. Unless …IMG_3634Tadaa! This is the one and only The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (the Dutch version). My friend actually came up with the idea of using videotape boxes to store all your pictures and souvenirs and I thought it could turn out super pretty. Let me show you how to make your own memory box in less than five minutes!IMG_3635Get rid of the videotape and the paper cover. No, wait, don’t throw that away!IMG_3636Now get yourself some fancy paper. Wrapping paper will do, but you’d better use thicker paper.IMG_3637Now take a pencil, draw along the original cover and cut out your own. IMG_3638That’s better already! Now decorate the box with whatever you like. You could use some snapshots, decorative paper or something like this:IMG_3640Now put every treasure, photo and souvenir you’ve got inside.IMG_3643You might want to put coins in a small separate bag, so they won’t be all over the place everytime you open the case (and that way they won’t damage your photos). My box still has to wait for it’s pictures, but I can’t wait to make more!IMG_3646-2Enjoy!

What do you do with all your holiday pictures?


4 thoughts on “Videotape to Memory Box

  1. You’re writing in English now 🙂 This is a super nice idea! I personally love scrapbooking and I always keep track of it (kudos to myself), but I can use this idea as a storage container for other stuff 🙂

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    1. Yeah! I thought, why not? Haha, ik ben nog met een kleine aankondiging hiervan bezig, maar ik dacht: laat ik deze maar alvast uploaden. Reacties mogen natuurlijk nog steeds in het Nederlands als je wilt. Wauw, knap hoor, dat je dat altijd zo netjes bijhoudt! Helaas ben ik dus meer van het luie soort, haha. Maar dit idee kan je idd heel makkelijk voor van alles en nog wat gebruiken. Super snel en handig …

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  2. Super leuk! Wel beetje jammer dat we bij ons thuis net alle videobanden hebben weggedaan haha! En wauw, in het Engels aan het schrijven! Slim! Xx

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    1. Haha, ja, m’n ouders ook – heb deze maar even voor € 0,50 bij de kringloopwinkel gehaald 😉 Thanks! Ja, dacht dat het wel handig was als ik toch veel Engels lees …


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